Leatherneck Warriors, Book One: The Beginning



Leatherneck Warriors Book I, The Beginning: “It took a moment to adjust his eyes to the low light level emanating from a kerosene lamp in the rear of the tent. Pittman couldn’t see any sign of another guard so he turned over his shoulder to look at Foster and gave him a thumbs-up sign, motioning for Foster to join him. Both Marines grabbed an arm of the Soviet soldier, dragging him back inside the tent. Pittman removed his K-Bar knife from the body, wiped the knife clean on the soldier’s uniform, and placed it back in his sheath. As he looked up, he saw Foster staring dumbly at the object in front of them. In all the excitement of the moment, Pittman hadn’t paid any attention to the object. Now he also stared. In front of them was the strangest looking aircraft either one had ever seen.” Based on a true story about the Ho 229 German Luftwaffe Bomber, Hays mixes historical fact with fiction about an actual stealth bomber developed during World War II.


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