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My literature comes from firsthand accounts & experience..

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What People are saying

"Year of the Monkey is a story based on the real experiences of several marines in the Vietnam war. This book reels you in with suspense and then it shows you some of the great things that the marines did during the Vietnam war. I suggest you get this book if you enjoy action, suspense, and discovering some of the lesser known activities of the military. I really enjoyed reading this book and meeting the author, Gene Hays."

"Year of the Monkey by Ronald E. Hays is a true story about things that occurred during the Vietnam war. The story centers around the lives of Major Richard F. Risner and Gunnery Sergeant Dick Petterson as they serve their country. It tells about their bravery and courage on missions and their devoted friendship to each other. The book is action packed and very descriptive. It makes you feel like you are in Vietnam along side Risner and Petterson. The book makes you aware of all of the good that the United States was trying to accomplish in Vietnam that was never publicized. I was very touched at discovering all of the help that the Marines contributed to the Vietnamese people out of their own pockets in an attempt to make their lives better."
Tina Martin

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